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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Over this past weekend Wrestlemania XXVII (27) was held in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome and from reading the tweets late Sunday or Monday, it was not good and it was over the top staged and too fake. Well no sh*t, what did you expect, did you really think it was real..................Last week in Atlanta was Wrestlemania week with events taking place all week; golf tournaments, Hall of Fame ceremony, fan fest and some actual wrestling. I will say I got sucked in changing channels last week when I noticed "The Rock" was talking, I did not know he was back, and then of all things, the kid from the Real World on mTV, Mike Mizanin was the champ! Needless to say I ended up being sucked in and watched the last 15 minutes of the show. From my understanding the city of Atlanta is expecting the events to have a $1.8 billion impact so bring it on.
I actually just wrote this blog to be able to show the following clip from Tosh.O and it fit right in with the wrestling thing, a great web redemption. For anyone who watched wrestling early on the Ultimate Warrior stuff is hilarious, enjoy.

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