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Monday, March 21, 2011

Must Have....For Baseball Fans

With baseball season officially kicking off in two weeks I wanted to share a must have for baseball fans. A lot of you may have the MLB Network (@MLBNetwork), and luckily I just got it back this week, but here are two other apps worth trying. and MLB at-Bat 11. is great for those who don't have access to the all the channels, travel a lot for work or just want to watch a lot of baseball at the same time. It would definitely come in handy for business man specials when you are at work and want to watch the game. They have made it even better this year by extended the possibilities to watch, from computer, iPhone, iTouch, android, PS3, Apple tv, etc. Also, you are not limited to watching it on one dedicated system, you can watch on your home computer one day, your work computer the next and your PS3 that night. Here is the website to check out the pricing and options, and it is in HD where available. Click on "View Demo" button in the top left side of the screen to watch a quick video on the app.

I am giving it a shot for month to see if it is something I would use to invest the money for the annual subscription.

Once you get into the app on your pc you have all kinds of options: select home or away broadcasts, add other games (up to 4) into one screen, view the boxscore, DVR controls, fantasy player tracker, listen to the radio broadcast over the top, in-game highlights. One of the best features may be having the full season available to go back and watch, and you can jump straight to an inning as well.

The other app for your phone is MLB At-Bat 11, it is available for an iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry, Android and iPad. I had this last year, it was $15 for the year and well worth it. I had access to the radio broadcast whenever I needed it and had video highlights up and running quickly. You can select your favorite team and your home page will go straight to them everytime you sign-in. Right now the app has the Spring Training games available too. The site below will give you more details.

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