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Friday, March 18, 2011

Who doesn't like a good burger....

Don't know about you guys, but there are few things better than a good burger, there are so many different types of burger places these days, that at times I wonder if they get away from the simple burger, cheese, veggies, etc. Especially when I go to a new bar or hole in the wall, I always get the burger, if there burger is good it is worth another visit.

The other thing is people making burgers with all sorts of different things to stay ahead of the healthy trend. At home we have cooked turkey burgers for a while, but definitely not better than a good old fashioned beef burger. The other item we have made a handful of times and they were incredible were Bison Burgers. Here is the recipe we use, be easy on the horseradish or it will kick your arse. The other bit of advice would be to handle with care, the meat is fragile and it is crucial that you mix and mash the patties well after your ingredients are mixed together.
A perfect website for burger lovers is Burger Business. The site is a menu and marketing news with plenty of napkins. The home page has burger news as it relates to restaurants, new menu items (including an archive), burger recipes, etc. They also have a 2011 bracket just in time for the NCAA tournament. You can access it from their home page. They can be followed on twitter @BurgerBusiness.

The next taste tour of the ATL will be looking for the best burger, including a few burger reviews in cities outside of ATL that are visited. The list below are a few of the ATL burger joints that will be visited:

YEAH! Burger twitter @yeahburger
Googie Burger twitter @googieburgerATL
Flip Burger Boutique
Grindhouse Killer Burgers twitter @GrindhouseATL
Fuze Burger
The Vortex
Burger Joe's

To be continued.....

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