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Saturday, September 15, 2012

ETA Debut

For a long while now me and some of my friends have had this ongoing dialogue about starting a band. This was before most of us even owned a guitar, drums, etc. So towards the end of last summer I started taking guitar lessons, Jason had an acoustic and bought a new electric guitar and Kirn bought a set of electric drums. So every once in a while we would all get together and it never failed that we would talk about music and what each of us are doing individually with our guitars or drums. Well finally at our couples' baby shower for Baby Wilson we discussed it and agreed that we should try to play at least one song at KirnFest on September 8th. So the shower at that point took a turn towards how can we be ready and if we are going to play a song we need a band name. Throughout our discussions we came to an agreement that we would attempt to play The Black Keys' song "Your Touch." The band name discussion was a whole different one, as in the past we also joked around and said we would be "Cheap Sunglasses" or "Cat's Pajamas." So we started to discuss how most band names are just two random things put together, e.g. Vampire Weekend. Kirn had one he had thought of one time and once he said it I think we were sold, End Table Artwork. Once we could cut it down to ETA for short it made it even better.

So we now had a gig date and needed to practice, so we decided to meet at Kirn's house that week. I sent a text over to Patrick, brother-in-law, to see if he was interested in coming over too as he has played guitar for a while. I won't get into all the boring details of each rehearsal, but it took one session to realize that with all four of us we had a band (Kirn, Jason, Patrick and me).

Leading up to KirnFest we decided we should add a second song and not tell many people so it would be somewhat of a surprise. So we talked about a handful of songs and finally agreed to attempt Tommy Tutone's Jenny (867-5309). It was fun to add this type song and knew that everyone would sing-a-long as well. We probably had a total of 6 practices and did not even have a mic or PA until the practice the day of the show, so we were all a little nervous heading into that night.

Well once the time came for us to do our thing we set our stands, plugged in amps and met in the back for what we hope to become a pre-show ritual. We gave each other some encouragement and passed a small bottle of Jaegermeister around. I think I can speak for the group we had a blast and cannot wait to keep playing. So that is the story which led us up to this........enjoy!! (Follow us @eta4L)

Friday, September 14, 2012


It has been a long time since my last post, so.....I hope to make up for some lost time here in the next few weeks. Time to get back to it.

I would like to welcome myself back by saying that Stacy (my wife) and I are expecting our first child in the near future. The due date is October 4th, but due to her being put on bedrest this week I have a feeling in the next 7-10 days it will be go time. I cannot be more excited and I am ready to be a Dad and cannot imagine having anyone other than Stacy in my life. We have just about everything and then some that this kid will ever need. We have a good family and friend support system and as usual they were too generous as the due date nears. The big surprise for us is we did not find out the sex of the baby, Stacy thinks its a boy, so of course I think its a girl.

Here is a link to Stacy's blog for updates related to Baby Wilson making its long awaited arrival.

More blogs to come in the next few days, including ETA's debut performance, thoughts on Braves, Georgia and whatever else is in my head for the day.