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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NCAA Basketball...needs some juice

With the tournament started, NCAA basketball is back where it should be in the forefront.

The one and done rule for men's basketball has ruined the sports entirely. There are too many players that leave early after one season and the basketball product has suffered. The rules between college football, basketball and baseball are so different which has an effect on each sport. They need to make the rules all the same or at least bring the same rule from football to basketball.
My solution is this: if a high school player is good enough to go to the NBA, let him go. However, if you enroll and start college you must stay on campus for 3 years (like football). After three years you can leave to the NBA. This would help college basketball have more name players and players that people will know who they are. This would also provide some stability to basketball programs and level the playing field even more. Come on NCAA stop letting the pro sports use the NCAA as a minor league for their sports, set your own standards with no influence and support your product.

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