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Monday, March 14, 2011

NCAA...time to save face

With the recent news that Jim Tressel pulled a Bruce Pearl, the NCAA has a chance to step up and be consistent with the punishments. It seems that when a player does something like this they are held to a higher standard, why not the coaches. Coaches are paid loads of cash to coach, mentor young student-athletes and keep their programs within the NCAA rules. While I realize there are a lot of rules, it is in the contract to uphold the integrity of your program. Tressel is one to preach on how to do things the right way, I would say this taints his legacy whether you like it or not. Also, the OSU Director of Athletics and President should be ashamed for that laughable news conference, you came out looking worse.

While I applaud Ohio State for self-imposing penalties against the Senator, it was a little weak and needless to say the first two games are against Toledo and Akron, which I could coach OSU and win those games. Oh, by the way, their 3rd game is against Miami.

The players at Ohio State that are part of this violation are suspended for the first 5 games of this coming season, yet the coach who knew about this and lied to everyone that he knew nothing gets only 2!! There is a debate as to whether the entire season last year should be forfeited, including the Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas. Shocker, that OSU finally beats an SEC team and did it with players that might have been ineligible.

The NCAA must hand down further penalties, not only to the football program, but also to Coach Tressel. A good minimum penalty to start with would be what was handed down to USC last year with loss of scholarships and banned from the post-season. 

Bruce Pearl, John Calipari, Dez Bryant....make room for Tressel at the table. Oh yeah, OSU fans stop pointing fingers at others or making excuses for your boy, the facts are he lied and got caught, deal with it and suck it up!! If this was Nick Saban you would be up in arms about how the SEC cheats all the time!! Last thing, ESPN you should be ashamed that the Heats' crying story was bigger than this, not once did you show the emails or push this issue like you normally do, not sure why, but a shame nonetheless!!

Click link below for the emails that brought this out. Tressel didn't think this was worthly of bringing up to the compliance office......really.

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