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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Draft: Current Artist

The last in my music drafts is for current artists in today's music scene, this list did not consider bands only sole artists (so KOL did not make the cut). This one is tough due to the varying styles of music that exist today, but here you go. Again, who would make your top 5??

5. Lady GaGa (@ladygaga) - While I have not bought or own an album of hers, it is easy to see that she is one of the most popular acts in the 2000s and it is only going to continue with a new album coming out in May. She in a few short years has become on the world's most recognizable figures and is winning multiple Grammy's. Might not be fair to compare her, but she could be the next star like Madonna and be around for a long time. It doesn't hurt that she is extremely over the top and wears next to nothing most of the time. Will she be on anyone's celebrity death list and be another artist who overdoes it......Also, is that a penis??

4. Matt Hires (@matthires) - This one is definitely only ever gonna make my list, but I ran across Matt a year or so ago and have become a big fan. The good part is that he is really just getting popular and has one full album so plenty more to come from him, hopefully. He is another artist with a unique voice, stating that Bob Dylan and Tom Petty were his influences. Must say I am also a big fan of the fedora look. The video below is him performing an acoustic cover of "Kids" by MGMT in NYC. Check out State Lines or Tangled Web off his Take Us To The Start album, good introductions.

3. Amos Lee - An American singer/songwriter from Philly who mixes folk, blues and soul (stole this like from Wiki). He does have some Southern ties as he attended the University of South Carolina, we won't hold that against him too much. He's another musician putting out music that you can just turn on and let play. His latest album, Mission Bell, is more of the same, starting with his newest song...Windows are Rolled Down. If you like this song you will enjoy Amos' music for sure.

2. Michael Buble (@michealbuble) - To say that my music tastes are all over the place would be an understatement, that is further proven by my choice for #2. Stacy and I have been listening to Buble now for 5 years or so I guess and have seen him in concert 4 or 5 times as well. He has a unique way of bringing the old classics back to life with a new twist and attracting audiences from all over the place. The last concert we went to there was a couple of 40 year old dudes behind us, in front of us was a 13 or 14 year old with her mom and beside them was a couple in their 60's. Another one of those guys you have to see live to truly appreciate him, and it is well worth the money too. He always talks about how he will help the girls in the crowd pump up the bike tires during his show, that way they can go home and ride it all night long with their men, or at least something to that affect. Regardless of that he is a great entertainer and his only downside is he is Canadian, heh!!! He seems like he would be a cool guy to hang with and have some cocktails.

1. Ray LaMontagne (@RayLaMontagne) - Ray has a unique way of playing slower music and making it good, sometimes it is tough and can become really boring. He seems to be a very unique guy as well. All of his albums are good and can be played all the way through, and there is no mistaking it is him when the song comes on, he has a very unique voice and sound. I still have yet to see Ray in concert, but from talking to friends that have gone it is on my list for sure. If you have not yet listened to Ray I recommend it, to get you started check out Three More Days, Trouble and How Come....

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