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Monday, April 11, 2011

Next BBQ Stop: Hottie Hawg's

This past Thursday we made the next stop on our tour of Atlanta BBQ joints, this time we had two newbies to the group, Brian Watson and my lovely wife, Stacy. Hottie Hawg's is in Atlanta near the intersection of South Cobb Drive and Bolton Road, it is in a interesting spot considering the neighborhood around it. The building is painted in two great colors, red and black. Once you stepped out of the car who could immediately smell the BBQ. Wrapped around the side and front of the restaurant was a deck which in the upcoming months could be a great spot to hang. The interior was nothing like you would have thought, but you could tell they put a lot of work into it. They also have a full bar which is good for stopping in on the way to the game or downtown for a quick bite and a cold beer.

Their menu had numerous items that sounded unbelievable, so we started with the Southern Fried "Bottle Caps" Pickles/Peppers and DSB Dry Rub wings. Both of them were really good, but the wings were the best wings I had ever had, hard to beat a wing that does not need anything on them to make them really good. For the main course I ordered the Texas Sliced Brisket plate with garlic mashed potatoes and mac/cheese. The brisket was tender and had great smokey flavor and the sides were really good as well. Here is a pic of Jason's brisket plate.

The attire of the waittresses did not hurt either, the were in daisy duke jean shorts and cowboy boots. The pic below was our girl from their Facebook page. Needless to say Hottie Hawg's is destined for a regular spot. I give them 5 out of 5 beers for sure.


  1. They put real pictures of the waitresses on Facebook? Man, they are really pushing for the male audience!

  2. They had a few pictures on their Facebook page of their employees. Aside from all of that they do have those wings that are incredible.