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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DVD Review: Catfish

Stacy and I were sitting at home and about to watch a movie and the previews for "Catfish" came on and she mentioned that she had heard it was a good documentary type movie, so I added it to Netflix and we watched it this past weekend. I am glad we made that decision as this was a good movie.

The movie is based on a young photographer in New York, Nev, who meets a young artist (Abby) online when she sends him a painting of one of his pictures online. Nev starts to communicate with Abby, her mom and a half-sister. They do most of their talking, etc on Facebook, including sending pictures and songs. Nev and the half-sister start to develop a relationship, but it never works out to where they can meet up. On a job out in Colorado the sister sends a song to Nev and he soon discovers it is another artists' song on YouTube. This leads to Nev, his brother and friend to dig deeper and find more holes in the mom's story.

So to find out if it is true the three of the guys head to Michigan to meet the family. Needless to say it is creepy and you are almost waiting for something scary to happen. I will not give too much more as they could completely ruin the movie.

I recommend watching this movie for sure, Catfish get 4 out of 5 beers.


  1. 4 out of 5? are being generous.

    I did feel sorry for the lady though. Hope that doesn't give away too much...

  2. It was just that it showed a side of creepiness that hasn't been done, even if it turns out to be fake, it was extremely weird. Did ending up feeling sorry for the lady.