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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Draft: 80's Band

Let me preface this draft list by saying I considered only bands when putting this list together not sole artists from the 80s. This is a mixed up bag for sure, the 80s brought us all kinds of music, from new wave to hard rock. Who would be in your top 5????

5. Tie between The Cars & Tears for Fears - For the 80s these bands had numerous hit songs versus the typical one hit wonders.

Let's start with The Cars, they were unique for combining different styles of music from the different genres of the time. Another oddity of the times was that they were from the US (Boston) versus a lot of the new wave 80s bands being from Europe. The Cars greatest hits album is a good listen all the way through. In 2010, they reunited and will release a new album in May of this year.

As far as Tears for Fears, they are a English band who was part of the new wave synthesizer craze in the 80s, they are still performing today. They are another good example of a band in the 80s with numerous hit songs. Not to mention the serious mullet on one of them. Side note, not really sure what the video actually means.....Their songs included Head Over Heels, Shout, Sowing the Seeds of Love.......

4. Bon Jovi - They had already hit the scene in the early 80s, but hit is big with Slippery When Wet. Wanted Dead or Alive has turned into the new go to at karaoke, Kirn killed it in Nawlins a couple of weeks back. They had some of the best sing-a-long songs during this time period that are still hits to this day. If you go back and listen to their earlier music you might not realize they even sing some of those older songs. They are still together today and selling out arenas!

3. Guns N' Roses - In 1987, Appetite for Destruction came out and changed the music scene for rock and for some probably changed their lives. The combination of Axl's singing and Slash's guitar rifts made for an album you could just turn out and let play, it was not an easy thing to do, especially in the 80s with all of the one hit wonders. One of my favorite scenes from the high school movies was when the nerdy kid heard Paradise City and rocks out at the party, this is all of us any time GNR comes on. Axl also showed the world a new dance move, I know I use it everytime I hear GNR.

2. aHa - Simply put aHa made this list due to one song, "Take On Me." Which might be the one of, if not the, best 80's song. The video alone is still ranked as one of the top 2 videos of all time. They have recorded 100s of songs, but this is the one song they will forever be linked to. Every time I hear this song it reminds me of back in Athens riding in Quint's Tahoe and playing the double keyboards in the front seat. For those Family Guy fans a little something special for you underneath the video.

1. Duran Duran - The hardest choice to make by far, Duran Duran could have either been # 1 or potentially out of the top 5, but they have so many great songs in the 80s, not to mention the early 90s. They are still recording today, although it is way to techno these days for my taste. But when people think of 80s music they think of bands like this with keyboards and a different sound then other decades of music. From Hungry Like the Wolf, Rio, Reflex, Come Undone to Enjoy the Silence, Duran Duran is my #1 80s band!!

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