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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holy Hole!

Since it is Sunday of The Masters I figured I would embarass myself and share a story from a recent golf outing. Last Sunday a few of my buddies and me ventured out to North Fulton Golf Course (@northfultongolf) in Atlanta near Chastain Park. First off let me preface by saying I was feeling a little rough after the 40th birthday party we attended the night before (Happy Birthday Jack). So I did not even attempt to play the 1st or 2nd hole after duffing one off the tee box. I will not get into the course too much, but the fairways need some work, which from my understanding they are what they are.

Well at about hole 5 I got my second wind and started to get into it, not that I hit the ball any better or off the ground for that matter. I would have been better off teeing off with my putter. As I reached down to grab my ball out of the cup, Branden says, "Hey man did you rip your pants?" In which I respond, "yeah there is a little hole near the left back pocket." In which he returns, "no, not a hole, you have a tear." So I reach back and sure enough from the inside corner of the pocket there is a tear down my left cheek about 4-5 inches long. So I untuck my shirt and march on, needless to say the tear got a little bigger as we continued. Good thing I was not rolling commando, I am sure Jason is happiest about that as we were in the same cart.

So as it started getting darker we decided we would go out and grab a bite to eat at Taco Mac in the Prado (@TacoMacPrado) up the street. As we were finishing up I asked if anyone had a jacket or something I could wrap up in. The pics below are the fashion trend I am starting. I got a few looks as it was mid-70's and I have a jacket wrapped around my waist, but it sure beat the alternative of flashing my ass for all to see. As for the golf, I played horrible and of course on the last hole (par 3) I hit the best ball of the day and sit about 8-9 feet from a birdie, which of course I missed the putt.

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