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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time to Make an Example

Nothing like capping off last week's positive momentum for the Georgia Bulldogs football program with news of Washaun Ealey being indefinitely suspended! Then I heard the reason for the suspension, Ealey failed to show up at 6:00 AM last week for a penalty run for some undisclosed reason. While I realize it is a minor issue, this is not Ealey's first rodeo. He was suspended for driving on a suspended license and being involved in a hit and run last season and missed the opening game for it, which hurts the team. To make this issue worse, he told the coaches and promised them he would not get behind the wheel. While it would be easy for UGA fans to say you are not Florida, Tennessee or other schools where people seemed to get arrested for felonies on a consistent basis, that is irrelevant, this is getting ridiculous.

While this issue is only about Ealey, there have also been issues with Caleb King, including missing the bowl game this past season for academic reasons. At some point it is time to cut your loses and it seems like this is the perfect time to start. Richt's entire approach and attitude have seemed to change in this off-season, nothing like a 6-7 season to kick you in the arse. He even made the statement on national signing day, "I wouldn't be shocked to see him run that rock in the Dome against Boise State on the opening play if he does what he's supposed to do." Him being Crowell, incoming freshman. Well that statement does two things. First, gives Crowell some incentive to work hard to make that statement a reality. Second, it should get King and Ealey jacked up and want to work hard to keep their starting gig. From an interview this morning on the radio with Mark Schlabach, seems like neither Ealey or King are getting the message and nothing has changed. They continue to make knucklehead decisions.

Time to make an example to the rest of the team that this type of stuff will not be tolerated. Let Crowell, Carlton Thomas and Malcombe step up and provide leadership at that position! Cut ties now!

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