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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Show Review: Chicago Code

It is that time of year again when new shows come on to replace the ones that have stunk up the place or have been slotted as mid-year additions. One such show is Chicago Code. Chicago Code is a crime drama, obviously based in Chicago. The plot has Jennifer Beals playing the first female Chicago police superintendent who is eager to stop corruption in the city. She has made that her mission to get rid of the bad cops and take down whoever is heading up the city corruption. The main cop in the show is played by Jason Clarke, a homicide detective, who goes through partners on a daily basis and does not like cops using profanity. Jennifer Beals character wants to put together a police unit to flush out the corruption and asks this homicide detective to lead the team. The main character in the show who they assume is corrupt is played by Delroy Lindo, who is the Chicago alderman. The one thing about this show is that I have learned some new job titles....alderman for instance. Overall the show is pretty good, just do not know how long they can string out the corruption piece, not much more than one season for sure. I do like the homicide detective as he is different than most other cops on the 1 zillion other cop shows on tv now. It comes on Monday nights on FOX at 9.
The hardest part of watching this show is all I can think of when I see Jennifer Beals is "Flashdance."
3 out of 5 beers.

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