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Friday, February 11, 2011

Let There Be Beer (and wine)....On Sundays

On February 2nd a bill hit the Georgia Senate floor that would allow beer and wine to be sold on Sundays starting at 12:30 PM. The thing that never made sense to me was that I could go to a restaurant or bar to have a beer on Sunday and then drive or get a ride home, but I was not able to go buy a six pack and drink it at home. I cannot wait for the freaks to come out to tell us why we do not have the right to have beer and wine sales on Sunday. They say it is a morality issue, but in reality it is an issue of fairness, competition and common sense. The leaders of the Christian Coalition said they will switch their focus to a local grass roots approach since they believe it will pass with the Governor's enthusiasm. The president of the coalition stated that "Sunday is a special day, whether it's because of religion or tradition or habit. We just want to keep it this way as much as we can." What the hell does that mean!!

Governor Deal has stated that he would sign the bill should it make it to his desk. The down side is that local authorities will have the right to choose whether or not to allow beer sales on Sunday, but with the economy I cannot see someone not wanting the additional income. The bill, if passed, will allow local municipalities to allow local voters to decide if they want sales on Sunday. Even if you are not a drinker, vote yes if this comes to your city, town or county. It is just something that is past due and it is time to get out of the dark ages!

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