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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pitchers and Catchers

Just when I thought the sports world was going to get rough now that football was over (Spring game is just around the corner though), it is a month plus until the NCAA tourney and the NBA playoffs don't start for months.....pitchers and catchers started reporting yesterday for baseball Spring Training. While the baseball season can seem long, it is great to have it starting again. Not a lot better than going to the ballpark for a hotdog and cold beer. Spring Training definitely seems the one time in MLB where it is back to the basics; hustling down the line to first, not watching your homeruns, just playing like the game is supposed to be played. Not to mention that players on the edge of making the rosters are busting it trying to get noticed and make the opening day roster.

One of these years I definitely want to take a spring training trip to Florida. Here is some more info on spring training 2011.

Not to rub more salt in the wound, but hopefully Brooks Conrad takes some extra time taking grounders.....

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