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Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Show Review: Shameless (Showtime)

Stacy and I try to always watch any new shows that come on HBO or Showtime as they are usually pretty damn good. Well Showtime did not disappoint this season with the new show "Shameless." It airs on Sunday nights at 10 and stars William H. Macy. As with a lot of shows that come to us, this is based on a show with the same name from Britain. The show premiered back in January and every episode has been good. It is based in Chicago and is about a family (The Gallaghers). The single father (Macy) who is a dead-beat, drunk has six children that learn to live survive for themselves since Macy spends most of the day at the bar getting wasted. The show focuses on the children and what they do to get by and the neighbors who the Gallaghers always borrow stuff from. There is one kid who is really smart and makes money by taking other students SATs and writing term papers for them. The oldest daughter is like the mom of the house and it deals with her trying to figure out her love life with the local cop and the new guy she just met who happens to be a car thief. Every week there is some story about one of the kids to bring them more into the story. Another different part that makes it good is Macy's character introduces the "what you missed from last week's episode" every week differently, and of course is drunk. As long as the show does not sway too far away from how it started it should last a while. Here is the trailer.

This show is a must see for everyone, if you have access to these shows you should catch up On-Demand. 5 out of 5 beers for sure.

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