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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do Not Know Where to Stand on This.....

Should they or shouldn't they.....

As you may or may not have read on my blog I am a big fan of teams sticking to their tradition, especially when it comes to uniforms, etc. Well a few years back Georgia went with a black uniform against Auburn and then later in the Sugar Bowl against Hawaii, needless to say that year they experience success and it was almost something that you could never recreate. Well that was proven the next season when Georgia went over the top and even painted the end zones black for their home game against Alabama, when Georgia fell behind 31-0 at halftime. As soon as I walked into Sanford Stadium that day and noticed the end zones I knew we were screwed. It definitely creates a different vibe in the stadium for the fans and can only imagine what it can do for the players, but once the players are hit in the mouth the color of the jersey is irrelevant.

The link below is to a Bleacher Report story stating 10 reasons Georgia needs to bring back the blackout. What do you think??

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