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Friday, February 18, 2011

Things to Do: Starlight Six Drive-In

In searching for something different to do for Valentine's Day I remembered a friend of ours, Nick, saying something about a drive-in over in East Atlanta. Well the drive-in is called Starlight Six Drive-In and is on Moreland about 5 minutes off of I-20. The theater opened back in 1949 (picture below from 1949) and pulling into the place there is not a lot that has changed since then, which made our trip out there even better. When you pull up you let them know which theater you want to go to and they give you your ticket, it is only $7 per person and is good for the double feature.
During this time of the year they have 3 of the 6 theaters open. It was already dark so they had lanterns on to light the way to your theater. On this night there were not that many people there when we showed up so we had the choice spot, it was just an open asphalt lot with rows where your front wheels would be elevated for better viewing of the screen. They had a snack bar with what you would call drive-in classics (hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, coke, candy). The prices for the food were cheap too, we got a large popcorn, large nacho and hotdog for $10.
One of the best things of going out here is you can bring whatever you want, almost like a tailgate. We brought a cooler and a bunch of snack food. In the warmer months it would be a great place to take a big group and tailgate during the day and then watch the double feature. The bottom line is that everyone should check out the drive-in, two thumbs up!

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  1. If there’s any foods that you like, I suggest you put your name on them, or they will be thrown out… by me. Uh, house was built in 1825 by General Custer.