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Sunday, November 7, 2010

When did umpires become part of the story???

One more baseball rant until spring training. In recent years it seems that umpires have become a big part of the story in baseball. Every year I get more and more frustrated when I see an umpire instigate arguments and fights, seems like not too many years ago they would walk away and not push it further. I remember specifically this year during a Braves game on tv when an umpire made a ball call on a pitch and Tim Hudson shrugged his shoulders and before the next pitch the umpire walked out in front of the plate and clearly asked Huddy what you said and started yelling back at him. The umpire needs to realize that his calls are going to generate reactions and just move on to the next play. More and more umpires walk towards dugouts to continue arguments with players and managers alike. Umpires are supposedly graded by MLB for their performance, I just hope they teach umps to stay out of the play and make calls.

No wonder this AA manager freaked out, he is tired of umpires too!!

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