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Monday, November 8, 2010

Miami Heat...what's the big deal?

The Miami Heat, especially Lebron James, have taken a lot of grief over the summer leading into the season. The only issue to me was “The Decision,” where Lebron had an hour special to announce where he would play basketball, that was a bad decision. However, I do not blame any of the players who sign somewhere and play a game and make millions of dollars, who would not love to be in that situation. It was good to hear a player be up front and say the reason for their decision, Lebron said I want to win championships and this was for sure his best opportunity to get a few. A lot of people have made comments towards Lebron and you can tell he is coming into this season with a chip on his shoulder for sure. Nike just released a new commercial which I thought was hilarious, of course once again people were outraged over it. The video below has a few of the comments by Jordan and Barkley and then the commercial. My preference would be for the Hawks to come out of the Eastern Conference, but I am realistic and know that probably won’t happen, so here’s to Miami coming out of the East. They will be a hard team to keep from winning it all.

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