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Friday, November 5, 2010

Here We Go Replay...Here We Go!!

With the baseball season coming to an end it is time that Bud Selig take the lead and do something right for a change, baseball needs some form of a replay system. Today the umpires, if they choose, are allowed to review home runs or potential home runs. While it is good that a home run call is right, what about the rest of the game that seems to be screwed up? Just like in every other sport the athletes are bigger, faster and stronger. The picture below is a prime example of a blown call that can change a game.

Here is my idea for a simple solution. The home run review stays how it is now; the umpires have the ability to review all aspects of home run calls. Each manager has the ability to challenge one time with the ability to earn a second challenge. The only plays that cannot be reviewed would be balls and strikes, which is the one part of the game that cannot be altered; if you allowed balls and strikes to be reviewed the game would take an hour longer at least. So from the beginning of the game each manager would have one challenge, the challenge must be made by the manager before the next pitch is thrown. Once challenged the crew chief would have no more than 5 minutes to watch a replay of the game and make a call. If the manager who challenged wins the challenge he would be awarded one more challenge to be used at anytime. If the manager loses the challenge, he does not have any more for the game. A manager can only have two challenges max per game. This would make the challenge an important tool in the game and the manager must use it wisely. Seems simple enough. Come on now Bud, do something good for the game and make the right choice and implement replay for the 2011 season. More on umpires in a future posting.

Also, I wanted to wish my dad and step-mother Happy Anniversary, love you guys!!

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