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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chris Rainey....Time to Play

There has been a lot of outrage by the media and other persons associated with the Florida Gators football program over Georgia’s Defensive Coordinator, Todd Grantham, giving the choke sign numerous times to Florida’s kicker Chas Henry at the end of the October 30th game. The part that is not being talked about a lot is that the kicker made the kick and Florida won the game. I found it to be very funny that these same people with their moral outcry had nothing to say about Urban Meyer reinstating Chris Rainey, especially after Florida had lost three games in a row and their offense was struggling. For those that do not know, Chris Rainey was arrested back in September for stalking. He sent the following text message to his girlfriend, “Time to die, bitch.”

If this was not Florida, choke-gate would not have made national news. For the record, Grantham’s act was bush league and it has since been addressed, get over it. The Gators have had 30 arrests for felonies or misdemeanors since Urban has become the coach. I am a Georgia Bulldog fan and I am not pleased with the amount of arrests in Athens, but I have no doubt that Chris Rainey would have been kicked off the team no questions asked at Georgia (see Zach Mettenberger). Urban has always talked about his moral values, by reinstating Rainey he is saying his actions were okay versus the right message of this is unacceptable behavior and I won’t tolerate it on my team. The worst part was the week leading up to the game Urban could not quit saying how great of a kid Rainey is. Maybe he is a good guy who threatens women with death.

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  1. I completely agree...and love the image of the phone. 'To White Girl...' LOL!