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Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 10: Worst Baseball Uniforms (10-6)

Baseball is America’s pastime and has brought a lot of memorable moments to sports’ history. With that being said part of those memories are the horrendous uniforms some teams used to wear to a handful that are still worn today. I do enjoy when the teams wear their throwback uniforms to show how hideous some of the uniforms from back in the day were. Here is my list of the 10 worse uniforms I have been witness to in the majors (10-6 today, 5-1 tomorrow). More Top Ten lists to come.

10.Atlanta Braves - Sunday red alternate uniforms. I am a Braves fan, but the jerseys they wear on Sundays are too much, they actually almost look orange. I like the new midnight blue road alternate jerseys, but 3 jerseys are more than enough.
9.Tampa Bay Devil Rays - before they were the Tampa Bay Rays. Just look at the picture below, enough said. Thank goodness they changed to the navy blue and got rid of the yellow and purple.
8.Boston Red Sox - Green jerseys. The Red Sox wear their green jerseys during spring training for St. Patrick's Day and it is a good look, but once they were worn during the regular season and all I can say is "Holy Santa  Claus." Looks like a Christmas outfit for sure. Stick to your classic jerseys, you are the Red Sox.
7.San Diego Padres - Mustard Jerseys (1972). This came onto my radar a few years ago during a throwback game against the Braves. These jerseys are really bad, looks like a big mustard ball. I will say that I love the hat, classic.
6. Chicago White Sox - Shorts (1976). The White Sox will make the list a couple of times. In 1976 they wore these shorts for only three games, but how can these not be on the list for horrible uniforms. The collar adds to the nastiness. They look like a church league softball team.

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