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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boise State.....Stop Whining

I am tired of hearing about Boise State and how they might get screwed over. The system is what it is and you are not going to be awarded a National Championship when you play in a horrible conference (WAC) and do not play more than one or two decent games on your schedule. Not only that, when is the last time you saw a big name team (i.e. Alabama, Texas, etc) play on a Tuesday night on ESPN?? Also, get rid of the blue field, its a gimmick and you should not need gimmicks. As far the non-conference schools go, TCU and maybe even Utah are better in my opinion. Boise State always steps up when they play a good school at the beginning of the season or in a bowl game, but it is not that hard to get up for one or two big games a year. The other argument is that no big school will play them....that is because Boise wants them to come to play there. Two schools from what I heard offered to play Boise, one of them Nebraska and Boise turned it down. Nebraska agreed to play two games at home and one at Boise. Sounds like a good deal to me, you have not earned a home and home, there has to be some advantage to the big schools when it comes to playing Boise.  Boise has travelled to the South for a game and if I remember correctly Georgia put a pretty good beating on you to kick off the season, maybe that is why you stay in the West now. Boise has to have a mentality like a USC or Tennessee, you will play anyone, anywhere, anytime. That will start to get you even more respect. So enjoy the BCS second or third tier game, you are not getting to the big show!!


  1. hehe I know i'm late but HAD to send this link. I'm sure you've seen it but honestly, I can watch it again and again. Too funny.

  2. hhahahaah typical ^ everyone hates on boise because they know boise would beat their school any week. oh wait your a georgia fan, hmmm i forgot the score this saturday. oh but im sure even if boise beat georgia by 40 georgia would be a better football team just because they play in the SEC right