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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top 10: Worst NBA Uniforms (5-1)

5.New Jersey Nets - tie-dye (1990-1991). The Nets have attempted to rid their website of these jerseys, but they can still be found. I would not want to have these as part of my team's history either.
4.Cleveland Cavaliers - microsoft word (1995-1999). The Cavs change their jerseys every game it seems, but these were by far the worse of the bunch. Looks like they were created with the graphics in microsoft word.

3.Toronto Raptors - cartoon (1997). Question which was worse...these jerseys or Jurassic Park 2 & 3? They have changed these to a better jersey, not that too many people have seen them as most people do not know there is a team in Toronto.
2.Washington Wizards - gold and black alternates (2006). I like gold.....definitely making a statement. Even Mo Williams can't help but look at how nasty these are. Do not know how gold and black came from since their normal colors are blue and gold.

1.Milwaukee Bucks - bambi (1999). There are not enough words to describe how bad this jersey is. I understand that your mascot is a buck, but really!

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