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Friday, November 26, 2010

Top 10: Worst NBA Uniforms (10-6)

In the NBA there are a lot of teams that have a mascot that do not make sense (i.e. Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers). More on that topic later, but here is my list of the Top 10 worst NBA uniforms that I have been witness to. Here is 10-6, 5-1 tomorrow. Thank goodness I do not believe that any teams still wear any of these.

10.Atlanta Hawks - Yellow alternate jerseys (2004). There are plenty of Hawks jerseys to choose from to be on this list, but this one takes the prize. It is just not a good look, I must say I like the new navy blue and red. I am also very happy that they took the hawk and its wing span off of the front as well. Side note, the only time Barry went by Wade in his career.
9.Philadephia 76ers - shooting stars (1991-1994). Another example of a team with history that changes their uniforms for no reason whatsoever. These are hideous, no excuse. Stick with the classics. Where is Rainbow Brite?
8.Detroit Pistons - teal (1111). Another example similar to #9 above, a classic team with classic uniforms trying to modernize. Nothing says a tough team from Detroit like teal! They learned their lesson and went back to the classic jersey in red, white and blue. Let's not even talk about the horse!
7.Golden State Warriors - lightning bolt (1997-2010). Unfortunately most people probably never saw these, or should I say fortunately. Golden State had a great logo and jerseys back in the day and they have come to their senses and brought them back for this season. Here's hoping these stay away forever.
6.Sacramento Kings - gold and purple (2005). First things first, these look like college uniforms. Not too much to say here, just bad.

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