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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November BOM & Rant

November's Beer of the Month: Guinness Black Lager. I was surprised that Guinness put out another beer due to the success of their staple. I really enjoyed this beer, it is not at all what you expect. It is a smooth beer that is not as heavy as original Guinness, so it does not weigh you down after one. It has a barley flavor that is unlike any other beer I have sampled. I recommend anyone who likes dark beers to give it a shot. Click on the Black Lager logo on the left to learn more.

Something happened last week that finally led me to wonder why people are so stupid. I was traveling home down I-75 at 75 MPH when a car on a donut (spare tire) passed me on the right and promptly blew the tire. Why in the hell would you get on the interstate travelling that fast with a donut, those tires are meant to go 40 MPH tops and that is even stretching it? Shocker it was a female driver. Use freaking common sense people, it will get you further in this world.

Would you want to rely on this tire to get you anywhere on the interstate???

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