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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Faces of the 'Hood (Dallas/Ft. Worth)

A while back I started a "Face of the 'Hood" with the five most recognizable active sports faces in Atlanta. So I wanted to get back to this and figured I would start with my other hometown, Dallas/Ft. Worth (Metroplex). It was tough for me not to include Mark Cuban, but he has been out of the spotlight recently, so he would be #6 at this point for me.

5. Ron Washington - While this may be a weird one, I would say after his off field issues a few years back to taking the Texas Rangers to the World Series two years in a row he is definitely in this top 5. They even named a dance move for him called "The Wash." He has help to revitalize baseball in this market and the Rangers should continue to be a tough out for years to come. They could be the Braves of the 2010s, hopefully they win more than one 'ship if they make it to numerous series.

4. Josh Hamilton - For the same reason as Washington, Josh Hamilton has become a superstar in Texas. He won the AL MVP last season and his life story is now public knowledge. I still tip my cap to the team when they win for having a celebration with ginger ale so Josh can participate, shows you how much respect he gets from his ballclub. Hard to find these days!!

3. Dirk Nowitski - After finally winning his first championship, Dirk has etched his name into a being a sports God in the Metroplex. He took the Mavs on his back again last season and finished the deal this time, it is guys like him that you want to win. He goes about it the right way and never shies away from the media, win or lose.

2. Jerry Jones - This is sad really, if he was not always looking for the cameras and always ready with a quote, he would not be on this list. Being a Cowboys' fan I appreciate everything Jerry has done since buying the franchise in the late 1980s, but sometimes take a step back and let someone else come in to be the GM, please!

1. Tony Romo - Whether it is warranted or not, Tony Romo is by far #1 in this market. Does not hurt being the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys. Tony takes all the heat for their losses and none of the credit when they win. He gets heat for everything no matter how big or small. I would say he has one more year before Jerry will make a big move to bring in another QB to lead his team.

Did I miss anyone??

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