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Monday, November 7, 2011

Not So Fast My Friend

So this Saturday has come and gone and the game of the century ended up being the game of who has the best FG kicker. LSU beat Bama Saturday night in Bryant-Denny 9-6 to prove to all why the SEC still is all about defense.

However, the other top 10 SEC matchup of the night took place in Fayetteville as Arkansas hosted South Carolina. A game which Georgia fans were watching closely, because with a South Carolina loss Georgia took sole position of 1st place in the SEC East. Funny enough there must have been a lot of Georgia fans watching this game, because during the CBS broadcast of LSU/Bama they had a feature called "at&t Buzz" to text in about your favorite team and Georgia was #12. Arkansas should have won this game even bigger than they did, but thanks to dropped passes the game was not over until mid 4th quarter. Arkansas won 44-28 to the joy of Dawgs' fans.

What nobody seems to be talking about and definitely did not talk about leading into the big game, is Arkansas now can win out and most likely play in the SEC Championship winning the SEC West. They still play LSU so Arkansas was pulling for the Bayou Bengals to win this game and they did. Arkansas plays in Baton Rouge on November 25th, the Friday after Thanksgiving. If I was an Arkansas fan or player I would love not being in the spotlight and just be lingering around in the background. Arkansas matches up pretty good against LSU's defense especially with WRs being Arkansas' strongest weapon. It is not easy to matchup against that much speed and skill . A lot for Petrino to use at his disposal. If Arkansas can pull that off then Arkansas, Bama and LSU would all be 7-1. Click here to see the tiebreaker, to say it is complicated would be an understatement.

So here's to an interesting month of November to see who will be playing December 3rd in the Georgia Dome. Georgia has two SEC games left at home against Auburn and Kentucky, they win those two they are in. The West will not be won until the last week of the regular season, my gut tells me it will be LSU, but do not sleep on the Razorbacks!! How do you not love the SEC?

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