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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Georgia's 2012 Schedule....Gift?

It has been stated now through the SEC Presidents that Mizzou will be a part of the SEC East in 2012 and that there will still only be 8 conference games. Currently each team plays the 5 teams from their division, 2 from the other division and 1 designated rival from the other division. With the league not adding another conference game in 2012, the teams in each division must now play the 6 teams from their division, 1 from the other division and keep the 1 designated rival. Here are the current designated rival games:

Alabama & Tennessee
Arkansas & Kentucky
Auburn & Georgia
Florida & LSU
Ole Miss & Vanderbilt
Mississippi State & South Carolina

To keep this simple, its assumed that Missouri and Texas A&M will be the designated rivals for each other. The other discussion was making Mizzou's designated rival Arkansas and having A&M designated to South Carolina. I personally like the second option as Mizzou and Arkansas are located close together. The advantage currently for the SEC East is big here with the power shifting to the SEC West for the past few years, so this would take one SEC West team off of the Eastern division teams next season.

Being a Georgia fan, here is what their schedule currently looks like for 2012.

9.1 Buffalo
9.8 @ South Carolina
9.15 Florida Atlantic
9.22 Vanderbilt
9.29 Tennessee
10.6 @Alabama
10.13 @ Kentucky
10.20 Open Week
10.27 Florida
11.3 Ole Miss
11.10 @Auburn
11.17 Georgia Southern
11.24 Georgia Tech

The belief is that Georgia would lose their road game at Alabama and add Missouri in that spot, that makes Georgia's schedule much more manageable, similar to this year. The toughest road games would be early on at South Carolina and towards the end at Auburn. I am all for this schedule change, this also means you would rotate the SEC West schools every 6 years.

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