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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to Mediocrity

The University of Missouri was unanimously accepted into the Southeastern Conference this past Sunday. This move was a formality as it has been known for a while that Mizzou was most likely going to be the 14th team added to the conference.

For the SEC this move makes sense it gives them another large TV market to move into, as the St. Louis market is the 21st ranked market in the US. Giving the SEC their second highest behind Atlanta which is in the top 10. Missouri's facilities will matchup as well as they have spent some money over the past few years continuing to improve their football facilities. The big question left for the conference to answer is where to put Mizzou. It was assumed when Texas A&M joined the SEC a few months back that they would be in the SEC West for obvious reasons, however it might not be the case for the Tigers. There has been discussion as to whether Auburn would move to the East and Mizzou would join the West, but I believe that the conference will put Mizzou in the East that way they just simply added one team to each division making it simple. The last question will be how many seasons the SEC will wait to have 9 conference games per season?

For Mizzou this moves could hurt them in the long run especially in the sport that matters, football. In the first few years I could see them being successful as most other teams in the SEC currently only see one other team with a passing game like theirs and that is Arkansas. That could catch SEC teams off guard, but the defense could be their downfall as they give up a lot on that side of the ball. In the other sport that makes money, Mizzou could compete in men's basketball immediately and raise the level of play in the conference overall.

At the end of the day this makes sense for one reason only, it is all about $$$$$. This should allow the SEC to go after more money in their tv deals with CBS and ESPN as well. So welcome to the best conference in America, hopefully you can raise you play above where Kentucky, Vandy and Ole Miss are currently! Just what the SEC needed another freaking Tigers mascot in the mix.

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