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Saturday, November 5, 2011


So across the US there have been protests where they "Occupy" Wall Street, Atlanta, etc. The one thing I still do not quite understand is what they are protesting. I get the greed angle and that they have been robbed by the investment banks or Wall Street, but what is the purpose of you occupying Piedmont Park in Atlanta? If you ask them they are all over the place with their reasons why. I can google the "Tea Party" right now and they have a wikipedia page that explains to me what they are fighting for and their purpose for meeting. Just cannot seem to find that for Occupy. I just do not understand if you are protesting greed why would you waste a city's tax dollars for police protection. The city of Atlanta for the last protest spent $450K on extra police presence. Maybe that money could have been used to buy computers for schools or expand buildings to get out of temporary classrooms. Probably should not preach about greed either when you have celebrities who make millions and define the word greed as well. Don't get me wrong I have no issue with celebrities who can make millions, I would do the same. Just do not know if they help the occupy casue, whatever they may be. They also do not follow the law, so they got arrested. You cannot camp in the park and they attempted to do so. Best part was they did not know why and they were calling the cops pigs, even though those cops would be the only thing protecting you should the protest get ugly. One thing for sure from looking at them they need to occupy a shower.

I felt Triumph the Insult Dog got it right on Conan recently, check this out.

The beauty of this great country is you can protest anything, even if you don't know what you are protesting!

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