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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Have We Made Progress.....

It has been a while since I have posted, so I would like to knock out a few things.

First, hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.
Second, congrats to Brian and Karen, expecting their first child.

So after agonizing through another Georgia bowl game there were some consistent issues that showed up again. Georgia came out in the first half and the dominated this game, leading 16-0 at halftime. Michigan State could not do anything against the Georgia defense and Georgia's offense had speed that the Spartans could not compete with. As usual Georgia came out flat in the second half and by the end of the 3rd quarter Michigan State was right back in the game.

So the first problem is that Georgia does not have momentum or keep a swagger after halftime, part of this seems to be they do not make adjustments to counter what the other team might do. The last two games are perfect examples of this, Michigan State nor LSU could move the ball on the defense and the offense did not take advantage of opportunities to put the games out of reach.

The main issue that again showed itself during the Outback Bowl was Richt coaching so conservatively that it costs you the game. Not only in the 4th quarter, but again in OT. Late in the 4th after getting one first down Bobo went with three straight up the middle running plays, which were not there all day, and had to punt the ball with plenty of time left. I realize the defense bailed you out all day, but at some point you set them up to fail. In OT, after the defense intercepted Cousins, Georgia ran two plays and decided to attempt a FG on 3rd down. I am a Walsh believer and realize he had a rough season too, but don't put it all on him. Be aggressive and win the freaking game, don't gain one yard and try a long FG.

I have always been on the Richt bandwagon and realize that he brings in top talent, but is the ceiling going to SEC championships and New Year's bowls. There is no reason Georgia should not be able to compete for National Championships. After the bowl game my first thought was, "was this Richt's last game?" I do not believe McGarity will keep this type of coaching around. I would be shocked if any changes were made, but it was clear that the defense was incredible this year and the offense had talent, but never used it to its full capacity. Bobo might need to go now as well to take Georgia to the next level. It might come down to either Richt makes that change or he is gone. We shall see, but the overall game plan late in games must be looked at in depth. With the schedule next year Georgia has a chance to have a special season with all that talent coming back to Athens!!

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