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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween...Not So Scary This Year

Did you know?.....a cockroach can survive 9 days without its head before starving to death.

What is usually a rough Halloween weekend or Monday after, is less painful this year with Georgia finally beating Florida this past Saturday. Actually might be a decent Monday for sports talk in Atlanta with Tech beating #5 Clemson as well. The pessimist in a lot of people will say that Georgia struggling to beat a bad Florida team cannot happen, but I say Georgia had to beat Florida by 1 or 20 points, either way it is a win and you just have to start winning this game to make it a true rivalry. The game was definitely ugly and the special teams issues were the worst I have ever seen under Richt. He said after the game, they are "mostly average to scary." They have a lot to clean up, but bottom line is to keep winning, no matter what. The defense however is playing lights out, giving up one first down and 32 total yards in the second half. This has been the one constants since the South Carolina game.

While it is great to talk about Georgia still having an edge in the overall series and how they dominated until the early 1990s, the recent history has been painful. It is time to string together a few wins and not let Florida have 3-4 years in a row of winning.

So now Georgia must keep on winning, especially in the SEC East. They have four games left on their schedule and need to run the table to keep the fanbase from jumping back out of their holes and firing up They have homecoming this weekend against New Mexico State and then two home SEC games against Auburn and Kentucky, before finishing the regular season in Atlanta versus Tech. The Kentucky game scares me more and more, as they seem to have that one game a year they struggle against a bad team, hopefully that tide has turned.

Georgia now has become Arkansas fans this week as South Carolina plays at Fayetteville this weekend. South Carolina looked mediocre at best this past Saturday in Knoxville, beating Tennessee 14-3. However, none of this matters if Georgia does not worry about themselves and beat Auburn and Kentucky.

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween, if you are in the Atlanta area you should check out Atlanta Zombie Apocayypse.

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