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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Locks of the Week: Oct 8th

So I never really got into picking games in college football at least not formally, so even though we are 6 weeks into the season, let's give it a shot. I will pick all of the SEC games and other big games for the week. If I do not give a reason, that is simply because it is not worth much effort. Also, I am picking the games straight up, if you are for some reason thinking you can win money on these bets, I have added the lines and o/u for your benefit.

Red River Shootout (Oklahoma v Texas) at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas (Noon EST-ABC). Oklahoma is a 10.5 point favorite and the over/under is 56.5. Oklahoma will win this game, but will not cover. No one thinks Texas will play well this week, but with the change at QB and the underdog label will help them here. I think OU will win. I also think it will be over the 56.5.
OU-31 UT-27

Vanderbilt @ Alabama (7:00 PM EST- ESPNU) Bama is favored by 29. Not a lot to say here, Roll Tide!
Tide-34 Vandy-3

Boston College @ Clemson (3:00 PM EST-Regional) Is this the week that all Clemson fans and haters have waited for? The week when they lose to someone they should not lose to, especially after beating three straight ranked opponents. Clemson is favored by 20.5 with an o/u of 52.5. Clemson will win this game, but it could be tight until the 2nd half, Clemson will score garbage touchdowns late and make it look easy.
Clemson-38 BC-13

Mississippi State @ UAB (12:00 PM EST-FSS) MSU is favored by 19.5 and o/u of 51, which goes to show you how bad UAB must be. After starting off the season ranked in the top 25, MSU has been brought back down to Earth with consecutive SEC losses to LSU, Auburn and the real Dawgs, Georgia. MSU will win this game, but it will be really close. MSU is one dimensional to say the least, they cannot throw the ball at all.
MSU-30 UAB-28

Auburn @ Arkansas (7:00 PM EST-ESPN) Arkansas is favored by 10 with an o/u of 63.5. Auburn has surprised some with their season so far, but give them credit they have played well and have a brutal stretch coming up now, they have Arkansas, Florida, LSU and Georgia before the Iron Bowl at season's end. I think Wilson will have a good game for Arkansas and continue where he left off last week throwing for 500 yards against Texas A&M. Arkansas has a way of losing games in the SEC they should win, but I do not think this will be one of those.
Arkansas 38 Tigers-19

Maryland @ GTech (12:00 PM EST-ESPNU) Tech is favored by 15 with an o/u of 63. Maryland better be prepared on the Tech's first offensive play as Tech has scored on the 1st play multiple times this season. Tech is flying under the radar and everyone is starting to talk about their big matchup against Clemson on 10/29. However, like Clemson, Tech has a knack for losing to teams they are better than, but most of the time that happens on the road. The only thing that could make this interesting is how well Maryland's quarterback looks against the Tech defense, and of course what uniforms Maryland will wear. Tech wins easily on the flats.
Tech-48 Turtles-27

Kentucky @ South Carolina (12:20 PM EST-SEC Network) SC favored by 21 with an o/u of 42.5. Cocks give Shaw another chance to see if he is ready. SC wins late.
USC-24 UK-17

Florida @ LSU (3:30 PM EST-CBS) LSU is favored by 13 with an o/u of 42.5. Florida's QB situation will be an issue and LSU's defense is nasty. LSU wins, hopefully at least a decent game to watch.
LSU-42 UF-18

Georgia @ Rocky Top (7:00 PM EST-ESPN2) Georgia is favored by 2 with an o/u of 55. So basically Vegas thinks Tennessee will win this game close. Georgia has looked bad the last two trips to Knoxville getting shelled in Kiffin's only year there 45-19 in 2009 and 35-14 in 2007. Georgia's defense is much improved over last year's and Tennessee has proven to be one dimensional not being able to generate a running game. For Georgia they have to be worried that Tyler Bray will pick them apart like Kellen Moore did in the Boise game. Kellen had the underneath routes open all day long and kept moving the chains, tiring out the defense. Georgia's special teams also continues to be a weak spot, I look for them to get back on track and provide a spark for the offense. Georgia's balanced attack on offense will be the key to the victory and move them one step closer to competing in the SEC East race.
Dawgs-34 Smokey-21

**It has been 10 years since Larry brought us another classic!!**

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