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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let Them Race!

Why a lot of people who may read this do not care about NASCAR, there is something that has been getting worse recently and I thought I would finally bring it out.

A few years back NASCAR made changes to the car introducing the "Car of Tomorrow" which is in full use now and has been for few years now with a few minor tweaks along the way. Another recent change was making rules changes that affecting the cars at restrictor plate racetracks, Daytona and Talladega. This change made it to where the big packs of cars that use to run together, similar to the picture below. With the new changes to the cars there are two car packs and everyone is split up, not to mention that you cannot stay nose to tail too long of your car might overheat.

After this weekend's race in Talladega there is a growing negative feeling for this type of racing from the drivers themselves. It cannot be fun at all. With the old way they ran if you had a good car you could make moves by yourself and actually drive the car, you definitely needed the draft, but you were not so reliant on another car to succeed. Now you must have a partner or you are left out to dry, it would suck if they were an odd number of cars at the end of the race up front, because someone won't have a dancing partner. The other issue I have here is it is making NASCAR more like F1 and IndyCar than they ever should want. The team orders to not help another car or make it ridiculous. I thought it was all about winning and doing the best for yourself at the end of the race.

I am all for safety, but slowing them down to where this is the type of racing is not the answer. NASCAR needs to continue to look for ways to get back to the racing from 3 years ago at these two tracks. The fans will start to stay at home if this keeps up too much longer.

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