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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Florida........State of Emergency!

First off, I went perfect on my picks, but the games were easier to pick this week for sure. I was way off on the scores, except for the Arkansas game, pretty close there.

The news today about the "U," Gators or Seminoles being out of the top 25 for the first time since 1982 got me looking into the bad weeks of sports cities in recently. Especially with the fall of teams in New York City and Philly, which I loved by the way. By the way, I had just turned 4 when this last happened.

So here is where the state of Florida is in recent sports history.

The Miami Dolphins, luckily did not lose again this weekend, only due to them having a bye week. They have started the season 0-4 and they play in the AFC East with the Patriots, Jets and surprisingly good Bills. It is going to be another long season at Joe Robbie (I realize the stadium is not still called Joe Robbie, but they change it over six months so I prefer to keep it simple). The good news may be they are leading the way for the #1 pick in next year's draft which would land them Andrew Luck at QB from Stanford.

The Florida Marlins (soon to be Miami Marlins) had another sub par year. They finished the 2011 season 18 games under .500. It definitely seems to be feast or famine for the Marlins, either 15-20 games under .500 or winning the World Series. Another bit of bad news is the leak of their potential new logo. It has not been confirmed, but it is hideous. The good news for the Marlins other than the name change is they move into a new stadium in 2012, which has to be an improvement over Joe Robbie for sure.

The Gators have been beaten badly the past two weeks, even though a lot of teams in the country could have had the same fate playing #1 and #2 in back to back weeks. Does not get any easier playing at Auburn, Georgia in Jacksonville and at South Carolina, maybe without their starting QB too. I must say I feel no sympathy for them as they beat Georgia annually and it is gotten to be ridiculous.

The Hurricanes have had a lot of issues on and off the field this season, the lone bright spot may be they have a new coach in Al Golden who seems to be one of the good guys. The Hurricanes should be able to turn it around as they play in the ACC. Just like the Gators I have no sympathy for the "U." Not to mention they could have some NCAA penalties still headed their way.

The Seminoles started the season ranked at #5 and have now lost three in a row to Oklahoma, Clemson and Wake Forest. If Bobby was still the coach the fans and media would be wondering when he would be leaving, since its Jimbo they have given his rope a lot of slack. I do not believe there is anything that can happen to turn around their season, it is already a disappointment.

All of the big 3 college teams in Florida have so much talent I do not see them being down for long.

Here are some other highlights or lowlights........

-Florida Atlantic is 0-5
-South Florida started the season undefeated and were embarrassed by Pittsburgh in their last game . They have a history of starting strong and fading as the season pushes on.

I would say the whole state of Florida has an argument for worst sports week or month over Philly and NYC!!

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