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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have long said that there is no reason for pre-season football polls and again in 2011 there are some glaring reasons as to why the first poll should not come out until the first of October and maybe even when the first BCS poll comes out in the second week of October. While it may be picky to say anything since some of the same teams are still there, I just don't understand the need other than to hype up the season, or in some cases piss off the fan bases. The preseason poll can have a negative effect on a team that is not highly ranked and goes undefeated throughout the year. There are eight teams in the preseason top 25 poll that are not even ranked anymore. Let's just say they might have been wrong on Florida State at #6. The one on the left below is the preseason poll, the right one is the poll from October 10th.

The only other part I have never understood is dropping a team when they win, Oklahoma has done nothing to diminish what was said about them in the preseason, but they have fallen to #3 behind Bama and LSU. Another thing that people should explain to me one day since supposedly style points don't matter!

The thing I always think about as the season reaches this point is keeping teams high in the rankings that will play each other before the season is over, hoping for that top 10 or 5 matchup weekly.
-#1 LSU plays at #2 Alabama on November 5th
-#9 Oregon play at #7 Stanford on November 12th
-#3 Oklahoma plays at #6 Oklahoma State on December 3rd

What say you? Do you even look at the polls?

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