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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top 10: Worst NFL Uniforms (5-1)

5.New England Patriots - 1993. How you change from the classic look to this is beyond me, I love how the numbers are different on the sleeves and the chest. At least they went away from these quickly.
4.Jacksonville Jaguars - first season to current. No words necessary, another team wearing teal. More on helmets in a later blog.
3.Denver Broncos - 1960 AFL. I was not aware that UPS sponsored a team. These uniforms were hideous, but I actually did not mind them overall. It was good to see something different. To me it is a toss up between which one is worse, this one or their current uniforms.
2.Philadelphia Eagles - 1931. Another throwback that needs to stay in the closet. The color scheme comes from the defunct Frankford Yellow Jackets and were the original jerseys worn by the Eagles in the 30's.
1.Pittsburgh Steelers (Pirates) - 1933. This throwbacks were worn in 1994 during the 75th anniversary of the NFL. Hopefully they will never be worn again. That is the crest of the Pittsburgh on the chest. Looks like an old school soccer jersey.


  1. How can you say the broncos unis suck!!!

  2. Probably because those Denver uni's are horrible and don't even match. If they were that damn good they would still wear them now.