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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suing for Sport

Everone always says that you can sue anyone for anything, well check these out below. I guess that saying is true.

A man sues a Shoney's in West Palm Beach, FL for getting his soup order wrong. He claims the clam chowder he received instead of potato soup caused him pain and anxiety.

A Chicago man sues White Castle for $50,000 for getting burnt by hot grease after biting into an unreasonably dangerous and defective onion ring.

Dude with high blood pressure sues Denny's for over salting his ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

A man in Miami sues a Houston's restaurant for not giving him proper instructions on how to eat an artichoke.

A mother in California is suing McDonald's claiming that the toys in their Happy Meals make her kids want to visit the golden arches, thus making it harder for her to say no.

Woman in Michigan is suing a restaurant over a toilet paper incident. Once she was done with her business she reached out to the toilet paper and the cover on the holder fell on her hand causing an injury.

Maybe this is the newest game people play when they win the lottery!!

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