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Monday, December 6, 2010

Top 10: Worst College Football Uniforms (10-6)

Shocker that there was an issue with blogger, so here is my response to that ridiculous comment below.

"Well actually I am only 32 and like change when it is for the good. I actually like when teams change it up, but do not know if it necessary weekly, there is something to be said for tradition. You think Bama should change it up or just stay with what works?? Must be a Boise fan!!"

With bowl season a few weeks away its a perfect time for a college Top 10. As with MLB, college football has a long history which again includes some bad uniform choices. Unfortunately some of these are still being worn today, where as some schools have wised up. Here is my list of 10-6, 5-1 tomorrow.

10.Nike One-Shoulder - 2006. Luckily this was a one-time stunt by Nike. The folks at Nike must have been big Star Wars fans, as they tried to make them look like Storm Troopers. Miami, Virginia Tech among others took part as well.

9.Minnesota Golden Gophers - (9999). Not really sure what this is all about, but there are 6 M's on these.
8.Iowa Hawkeyes - wings. Iowa is another one of those college football teams that has a classic uniform with no need for a change. I wonder if this is where Oregon and Nike got the idea for feathers on the shoulders...
7.Colorado Buffaloes - . What a great idea, get rid of the classic jerseys who have always worn and wear these horrendous uniforms that do not make any sense. Go back the jerseys you wore in 1990, those are your best look. Is that a horn on the helmet?
6.Boise State Broncos - all. Maybe its the blue field, or hearing about them deserving a shot at the National Championship. Either way all of their jerseys are horrendous, the Pro Combat unis at the beginning of this season were potentially the worst. I guess when you play on Tuesday and Friday nights you can do this. The ones they wore this past week, all orange, further prove my point.

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  1. Would have to agree with most of these... then you said boise's uniforms are bad. All respect was lost. Your probably another 30 or 40 something year old that is against all change and want old mesh jerseys with loose sleeves that go down to your belly button back