It doesn't matter how you play the game, it's whether you win or lose, and even that doesn't make that much difference. ~ Coach Finstock ~

Monday, December 27, 2010 up and support your teams

As of today, the Falcons, Hawks and Thrashers are on pace to make the playoffs. The Falcons at least sellout their games, but the seats are not filled so not everyone shows up. Even if they do show up, they can't seem to make it before midway through the first quarter. To make matters worse the Falcons are just about unbeatable at home, since Matt Ryan has become the starting quarterback the Falcons have only lost 1 home game. The fans still complain about the teams in ATL, it could be worse we could live in Pittsburgh or Cleveland, but at least in those cities the fans still show up. I challenge the ATL so-called sports' fans to get out and support your local teams, and let's shut up the media who takes every opportunity to crap on Atlanta.

The Thrashers this week moved into first place in their division, yet they barely get fans to see them play. Again the Thrashers play great at home and deserve a true home ice advantage. The Thrashers potentially have a special season going on and it is not that expensive to get into the rink.

Out of all three I can understand the fans being reluctant to show up to watch the Hawks, because as fans we have seen this movie before. The Hawks will make the playoffs as a 4 or 5 seed, make it through the first round series and get blown out in the second round versus one of the big boys from the Eastern Conference. I will say this though, the fans seem to show up when a quality team shows up and makes some noise.

The one thing that is against Atlanta is that their sports teams have not been around as long as some in other cities (Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, Philly, etc). Those cities have generations of fans and it is what they do. In Atlanta the college teams have the generations built in, it is hard to get a ticket to a Georgia Bulldogs football game. In the South college football is king for sure. If all three teams make the playoffs, that would mean all four professional teams in the ATL would have made the postseason, that has never happened.

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