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Saturday, December 4, 2010

SEC Championship Game...Biggest Championship Game by Far

By far the biggest sporting event every year in the city of Atlanta is the SEC Championship Game at the Georgia Dome the first weekend in December. This year the game is good one, pitting the South Carolina Gamecocks versus the Auburn Tigers. This is a rematch from a game back on September 25th that Auburn won 35-27. I expect another great game at the Georgia Dome. Auburn has been amazing this year in their ability to come back from deficits and win, making great halftime adjustments. Until someone stops Cam Newton I will have to continue to believe Auburn will win the game. When asked who I want to win or who I will be cheering for I can honestly say I just want to see a good game, but as I stated above I believe Auburn will win. Auburn is one of those teams that does not kick a lot of field goals so when predicting a score you have to preduct Auburn's in the 28, 35, 42, etc range. The SEC is one of the only conferences I know where people also cheer just as passionately about the conference as their own team, so with that being said a lot of people I have talked to want Auburn to win so they can play for the BCS National Championship in January. I do not get too much into that thinking, but do see them playing Oregon when that game rolls around. The ultimate debate will come if Auburn loses as to who should play Oregon (assuming them win) in the championship game. Let's see what happens.

Fearless Prediction: Auburn 42, South Carolina 31

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