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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 10: Worst College Football Uniforms (5-1)

5.Florida A&M - current. Not too much to say here, look at the picture.
4.Iowa State - current. Iowa State decided the best way to get better was to copy the USC Trojans uniforms, unfortunately it may be hard for me to tell the difference when I turn on the tv, it is not hard to realzie it is ISU, because you do not win.
3.Utah Utes - camo (2010). Utah broke out these unis for their game against TCU the weekend prior to Veterans' Day. I am all for supporting our troops,, but Under Armour took it to another level in trying to keep up with Nike. The whole look was awful. Did I mention that they got blown out by TCU as well.
2.Georgia Bulldogs- blackout helmet and pants (2009). No secret that I am a Bulldogs fan, but this jersey combination was horrendous. The only thing that is good about this look as it makes for a cool memorabilia piece for the office. You are Georgia, come out in the red jersey, silver britches and have at it. Not to mention you were not very good last year, this made it even worse when you got spanked by Florida, again.
1.Oregon Ducks - few years back. I actually do not mind their current jerseys as much as I disliked the ones a few years back. There is not that much difference, but at least the feathers make sense. Do not know what the truck matting or whatever that is on the knees and shoulders is for. I actually like their old school yellow and green jerseys (below), but those do not make money. This is the benefit of having Nike in your back yard and pocket. I think they have four different helmet combinations too, more on that in a later post.


  1. Honestly, I don't mind any of these uniforms except for Utah...and I liked those GA uniforms. :(

  2. Iowa states uniforms are much better than their old ones, the only ones who are against the oregon uniforms are the old people that hate any change no matter what and have no taste anyway. oh and what did you think of georgias unis against boise, should be the new #1