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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top 10: Best NFL Uniforms (5-1)

5. Oakland Raiders (1963-1981, 1995-present) A great look and one of the best in all of football for sure. Even when they were the LA Raiders they looked the same. The NFL is better when the Raiders are winning so that puts them further down on my list for now.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (1962-present) Another team that everyone recognizes, a great uniform and very unique with the logo on only one side of the helmet, they were testing out the new logo and the team manager was instructed to only put it on one side to see how it looked. Needless to say people loved it and it has stuck ever since.

3. Atlanta Falcons (1966-1970) I am a fan of the current Falcons' uniforms as well, but if I had to choose one this would be it for sure. I like the red helmet and the old logo.

2. Dallas Cowboys (1964-present) Let me start by saying what a great picture, brings back great memories from my childhood cheering on my Cowboys back in Texas. The Cowboys are like the Yankees everyone knows the uniform and you either hate them or love them.

1. Cleveland Browns (1946-1995, 1999-present) Even though I will always be a Cowboys fan, these uniforms are as classic as it gets.


  1. Now I know you're blogged 2 days in a row on all time great football uniforms! :D

  2. Who were those guys in the Cowboys unis?

  3. The greatest quarterback, running back and receiver ever baby!

  4. browns are the best unis... seriously? although i gotta say your best unis lists are much better than your worst unis list. It seems the ONLY thing you judge on is how long the uniforms have been used. As long as they never change they are the best.