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Thursday, January 13, 2011

BBQ in the ATL...Up First, Fox Bros.

Being from Texas I think I can be picky about my bbq. So with the help of some buddies we are starting our tour of the Atlanta bbq joints. After we have completed our journey I will post a final top 5 in the ATL.

To kick off our quest we started at Fox Bros. This place had been talked about like it was the best restaurant in Atlanta so a great place to start, not to mention that 790 the Zone talks about it a lot, so it was worth a shot. Let me start by saying this, after all the hype the food did not disappoint. A lot of times you hear about something and how great it is and you are disappointed, not in this case for sure. I guess it doesn't hurt that they were also voted by many the best bbq in Atlanta (AJC, Zagat, etc.)

First, you know it must be pretty good when you cannot find a parking spot and people are parking 5-6 blocks down the street. Second, it is a perfect setting, a bunch of tables in a comfortable spot where you know it is all about the food.

Our table (right side)

Their menu is pretty extensive with the standards and a few twists on old classics. They also had a full bar with a good selection of beer. I had a sliced brisket plate with mac 'n' cheese and jalapeno cornbread with honey butter. The mac was awesome, it was made with large pasta shells and was way too much for a side. The meat was also great and just fell apart when eating it, not to mention it is served on top of toast, good surprise. The cornbread was the gigantic and with the butter was again awesome. The picture is not from my meal, but shows the mac and cornbread.

Overall I give the visit 5 out of 5 beers and will return to try the other stuff. Pretty good shot this makes the top 5 for sure!

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