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Monday, April 15, 2013

Statement...How Sweep It Is

Although it is tough to read too much into an early season series against your divisional rival, the sweep of the Nationals (gnats) this weekend was sweet. I know this as well, if the Braves would have gotten swept the fans would have freaked out so I think it is a great time to get excited about this team. Hopefully that also means the fans will show up at The Ted regularly.

The game Friday night set the tone clearly for what was to come. The Braves looked baffled by Detweiler, but once he came out it was game on. The improbable comeback finished off by Pena, who has been better than good since his first AB this season. Saturday Gattis took a high fastball and somehow drove it out of
the ballpark and Sunday was just a arse whooping. The player that has been overlooked by some that has been huge is Chris Johnson, have to keep in the lineup everyday.

My favorite part was the Braves said exactly what you want them to, its just one series, its still early in the season, etc. The gnats on the other hand seemed agitated and dumbfounded. Espinosa even made it clear that the gnats are still the better team regardless of this series.

So take out of this past weekend what you will, but I believe the Braves are in their heads a little bit and there will be 15 more games to look forward to. #peachclobbers

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