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Monday, April 8, 2013

One Week In.....

The Braves' season is one week old and there are already some things taht are pretty obvious. First, this team will lead the majors in strikeouts. They had 40 plus in the 3 games series with the Phillies alone, now I realize the Phils have pretty good starting pitching, but damn. Second, this team will be at the top of the NL in homeruns. The downside of this is falling in love without it to where you live and die by the long ball. I will say though from my standpoint I do not mind it, because it brings excitement to this team. Justin has been awesome his first 6 games, however he does have one single, 5 HRs and the rest are Ks. Third, the new look roster has not disappointed. BJ is coming out of his slump, mainly due to some added pressure of being the newest rich kid in town. Justin as I mentioned above has been quality, Chris Johnson has been a good addition and can help at 1B with Freddie on DL, Laird has been hitting the ball good to kick off the season too.

Lastly, they have more passion than in years past, at least visually. Chris Johnson missed a pitch and about destroyed his helmet after being thrown at a first. Freddie was beyond pissed that he was put on the DL and let it be known. This is something that fans have asked for from this team for years. I do not mind it at all and do not think it will take away from what they are trying to accomplish.

I know its early in the season, but this coming weekend series in DC can be big to set the tone. This team can easily compete for the National League pennant, question is can they win the division?? We all witnessed what can happen when you leave 162 games of work up to a one game playoff. Infield fly my ass! Fredi has his work cut out for him, no reason not to win this season with this talent.

Side note: they should have rocked these hats this Spring.

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