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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hillbilly Rap

Other than sports my next biggest passion or obsession is music. With that being said I have noticed a lot more country artists going the route of country rap. I am mixed on it for sure, but can say that I do like the two songs on Jason Aldean's newest album, Night Train. Tradiional country has been gone for a while now and if this is the new thing for a while I think I can hang with it. I do however remember back in the day in Tejas at a Neal McCoy concert him busting out a rap, I actually still listen to it every now and then. I will say though it is beyond cheesy and I should get made fun of for liking it. I bet I have a certain friend though that will only ask one question, do they write their own songs??

The Only Way I Know is a simply song that is good, it does not hurt that is features Luke Bryan and Eric Church as well. However, this past weekend I heard 1994 for the first time and must say it could be my new favorite for right now. It has been stuck in my head since then. I believe it is time to get the boys back together and get ETA back to work. Here is the video, enjoy......Joe....Joe...Joe Diffie!!! Is it bad that I want a Teach Me How to Diffie shirt??

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