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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Integrity of the Game...

I keep hearing about how instant replay in baseball will take away from the integrity of the game. Well my take is simple if the umpires keep missing calls isn't the integrity of the game being thrown right out the window already????

Every major sport has some form of instant replay. NFL is much better with replay. NBA is better now at the end of games with replay. NHL replays goals. Even tennis has freaking replay. I get that there is replay for homeruns, but what about safe/out calls, fair/foul.... I get that baseball has a lot of judgment calls and that makes it tough to have replay, but there is more than one umpire. My only request would be to make it less like the NFL rules where they make instant replay a game with challenge flags. Give the manager the option to challenge a play anytime in the game, if they get it right give them one more, but on bang bang calls the umpires can also use discretion and replay more than just HRs. Bud your commish tenure has had plenty of downs, do something here to get some more positive pub for the game. As far as balls and strikes unless you use technology there will always be some bad calls, but in the event of what happened the other night the umpire should not be so damn proud and ask for help from the others to let him know that was clearly a ball.

I think the biggest problem I have with umpires is their approach that they cannot do any wrong on the field, how hard is it to ask for help? How hard is it for the other umpires to conference to get the call right? No one is buying a ticket to see Angel Hernandez completely butcher a game behind the plate or at 2B.

At the end of the day everyone wants to get the call right, but having a press conference afterwards to say I missed it does not do any good. Keep hearing the umpires deserve credit when they admit they messed up. Why, that does not fix the mistake in the game? There is no accountability and clearly not an annual review process. Here is a replay of the strike 3 call from the Texas game and some other let's say not so good calls from the past too.

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